Veins and Tattoo Removal

vein&tattooRemoving veins with the laser is another solution for people to get a smooth skin. The procedure is quite simple and very effective. Patients will feel a small pinch in their skin in the treatment. After the treatment a cooling gel will be applied to the treated areas. Each session is around 20 minutes, depending on the treated areas.

The laser veins removal is safe because there is not side effects attached and it won’t damage the skin. There is no downtime after undergoing the treatment, so there will be no interruptions in your daily activities. Patients will only experience some redness and swelling of the skin after the treatment, however this will only last for a few days.

Doctor will recommend a few treatments to remove varicose veins depending on the severity of the veins.

The process of having a tattoo removal is a simple way, require no downtime and the pain is still bearable. Anesthetic cream will be applied to the patient to minimize the pain, however it is an option.

The laser light is used to break down the color in the tattoo, after the treatment has been performed, some normal crusting occurs. Patient should keep the treated area clean, and apply an antibiotic cream.