Tummy Tightening with Body by ThermageTM

Tummies, knees, legs, arms and hands can be areas that show signs of aging. Thermage® has developed procedures and treatment tips that are designed especially to help smooth and tighten wrinkled, creepy and sagging skin on these body areas.
Many women after pregnancy or weight loss find it difficult to get back their shapes and want to tighten sagging skin and flatten unwanted bulges. Now you can tighten, firm and shape arms, thighs, buttocks, “love handles” and tummies with Thermage®.

Neck Firming

Do you have sagging jowls beneath your chin? The natural aging process stretches skin, making it appear loose and wrinkled. The loose skin around the neck area cannot be reduced through diet or exercise, and and surgery would be the usual method of tightening. Now there is a Non-Surgical alternative, called Thermage®. Thermage® affects deep beneath the skin surface, helping to redefine your jawline and reduce excess skin under the chin – all in a single treatment.

Hand Smoothening

Thermage® can also be used with other aesthetic procedures. Combining IPL and Hands by ThermageTM is a great way to help restore firmer and smoother hands and eliminate unsightly age spots.