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Pico Laser

Pico Laser is laser therapy that uses picosecond laser technology. It is referring to is the rate at which laser energy is delivered to the skin. In Pico Laser treatment, a beam of light at a certain energy is delivered within a picosecond, an extraordinarily rapid rate. The laser treatment like Pico Laser has gained popularity due to the excellent results experienced by patients.


There is no burning or damage to the outer layer of the skin after these laser treatments. Face Laser Treatment is usually very quick and there’s literally no downtime. You can immediately resume your daily activities and even apply makeup after the treatment.


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With advanced Laser treatment nowadays, people find solution of tougher skin problems such as melasma, acne scars and dark eye circles . The laser procedure is individually tailored to the nature of the problem to be corrected.


At Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, we have a range of treatments for acne, pimples, acne scars & enlarge pores.To find the treatment that is right for you, book a no obligation consultation with Dr Valentin Low today!

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