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Laser Skin Treatment

From acne to pigmentation, fine lines to stretch marks, enlarged pores, and everything in-between. Most people with a darker skin tone find that their face and neck commonly exposed areas look darker than the rest of the body. This is not the natural colour but hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, sun damage, and sometimes product damage.The common causes of Hyperpigmentation are: Sun Exposure, Acne Spots and Blemishes, Folliculitis, Ingrown Hairs, Child-hood Scars, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Fungal Infection, Skin Rashes, Waxing, Stretch Marks, Skin Inflammation and other Skin Irritations.


Laser skin resurfing reduces wrinkles and scars, evens out skin coloring, tightens skin and removes lesions. Lasers are beams of light that vaporize the outer layers of your skin and promote the growth of new collagen fibers.


Dr.Valentin will determine which type of Laser Resurfacing Treatment is best for you after a full evaluation of your medical history, current physical condition and desired results. Not only are treatments fast, precise and targeted with reduced skin damage and no down time, this Face Laser will effectively treat your skin condition while also stimulating collagen generation, helping to keep your skin supple and brightened in complexion.


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