Reverse Your Aging Process With A Skin Tightening Treatment

19 Jun 2020
Skin tightening treatment will make you look younger

Are you worried that your skin will be sagging due to stress, or due to lack of sleep and even other factors? Don’t be afraid! I’ll tell you how you can look ageless and well preserved, not only with professional touch, but also some tips that you can do at home! When we are born, our body produces proteins called elastin and collagen for our skin. These proteins give our skin structure and elasticity. As we age, our body’s production of protein slows down, causing our skin to lose its elasticity. Besides that, there are other factors that cause our skin to stretch and saggy, such as gravity, hundreds of movements of our face muscles as we express ourselves in our daily life, pollution exposure, stress and weight loss. For women, pregnancy also causes the skin to lose its elasticity, forming stretch marks on the skin’s surface. But fear not, we are living in a modern world where skin tightening treatment can be done without scalpel, and the results are amazingly promising.


There are far too many skin tightening treatments that got really popular because it’s far less invasive than surgical options, and has fewer complication risk. Non- surgical facelift is also one of the popular treatments in Singapore as the treatment is more affordable compared to a surgical facelift treatment. Most of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore provide skin tightening treatment. The treatment is usually done by professional aesthetic doctors, as it can only be done by certified physicians. Non-surgical facelift targets and tightens skin that has become loose.


Thermage is one of the popular treatments in Singapore that uses radiofrequency to restore lost collagen and tighten skin. Thermage is normally used to tighten skin on the face, neck, and even abdomen area. Besides that, Ulthera is also one of the popular treatments for skin tightening that people often talk about nowadays. Instead of radiofrequency, Ulthera uses ultrasound waves sent deep into skin to stimulate collagen production. Both treatments are known to give promising results and the best thing is, there is no recovery time required after treatments. In Singapore, a number of aesthetic practitioners use Thermage or Ulthera in combination with face injections or threads to achieve V-shape face. V-shape facial looks are loved by people nowadays because it gives a slimmer and younger look.


Besides all of these methods that require a professional touch, there are things that you can do at home for skin tightening. Nowadays, facial toning devices are extremely popular and have become one of the hottest topics that people are sharing on social media. Facial toning devices are indeed something you can consider to maintain your skin from sagging at home. Besides that, a facial mask is also one of the skin tightening methods that you can do at home. Facial masks are cosmetic products that tighten loose skin by encouraging collagen production and hydrating the skin.


Non-surgical facelift treatments are the low-risk alternative to surgery. Most of the treatments do not require downtime, and the side effects of these treatments are only mild to moderate. Furthermore, the results of these treatments are promising and it preserves one’s natural look without looking fake compared to surgical facelift. So, it’s not a surprise that non-surgical facelift treatments are getting more and more popular nowadays.

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