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Cellulite is the lumpy appearance of skin commonly found on the thighs and buttocks. This benign condition mostly occurs in women due to differences in fat distribution and is a very common problem with 80% – 90% of women having some degree of cellulite.


Smoothing away cellulite treatment is a fantastic option to banish orange peel textured skin from your bottom, hips, tummy, or thighs. This proven non-invasive treatment uses acoustic wave therapy to breakdown the problematic fat cells & help your lymphomatic system to flush them out. 


• Clinically proven solution for cellulite

• Quick & painless  with no downtime

• Ideal for hard & oedematous cellulite


Our cellulite treatments target all types of cellulite at once – no need for long treatment protocols. A remarkable reduction in the appearance of cellulite was seen after the first treatment. All the treatments are completely pain-free with zero downtime.


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