Benefits of Thread Lift in Singapore

15 May 2020
Thread Lift in Singapore

In Singapore, there is an overwhelming trend in visiting medical aesthetic clinics. This is because of the demand to achieve maximum results, close to what cosmetic surgery can deliver but with minimum downtime such as non-invasive, minimal bruising and swelling.


The drastic rise of facial thread lift on becoming the most popular treatment for non surgical facelift has been highly rated in Singapore and many medical aesthetic clinics offer this treatment. By harnessing the power of thread lifts for tightening, repositioning and lifting the saggy skin, we can confidently regain our youth.


A thread lift is a type of treatment where noticeable lift and tightening of the skin is created using temporary sutures. Rather than surgically extracting our loose facial tissue, non surgical thread lift simply suspended from the skin by stitching up portions of it. Thread Lift is a non surgical facelift that has the visible effect of pulling back loose skin, lifting and tightening up of our face.


As we learned from the medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, thread lift treatment is not as invasive and costly as the procedure of a surgical facelift. Thread Lift is a non surgical facelift that can lift your sagging skin, offer a more defined, V-shaped facial contour and allow you to appear less tired with much lesser downtime at a lower cost. The good lifting power of the threads from thread lift will support aging facial muscles to be lifted against gravity, resulting in visible volumizing and facelifting.


Some of the benefits of non surgical thread lift includes:


  • Rejuvenated skin for a youthful appearance
  • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances elasticity of your skin
  • Defines your facial contours
  • Stimulates the development of long-lasting collagen and elastin
  • Natural results without having to overpull


Advised by the medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore, who is suitable to go for a non surgical thread lift?


Typically those who wish to defy the signs of ageing. Most people do not wish to be involved in any intense and dangerous invasive treatment, but are in search of outcomes with visible and lasting results but little downtime.


Here are some of the reasons that you may be a successful choice for non surgical thread lift:


If you suffer from any signs of aging, loose and saggy skin, a non surgical thread lift can solve your problem. The thread lift is usually suitable for individuals suffering from the loosening of your skin at your cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, jowls, and neck. You might be a strong choice for a thread lift if this sounds like you.


You may have undergone a surgical facelift or non surgical facelift in Singapore before. The results for surgical facelift or non surgical facelift cannot last forever, and at some point, you can feel your skin begin to get saggier again. You may have done a more invasive facelift in the past, and what you will need at this point is a non surgical thread lift to make your skin look youthful, tighter and lifted again.

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