Developments in technology have introduced more options for non-surgical procedures. Apart from being very effective, these procedures often require no downtime and are quick and pain-free.

The latest non-ablative laser for aesthetic solution to skin problem can improve skin texture, skin tone and skin elasticity while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores.

There is no burning or damage to the outer layer of the skin. The treatment time is very quick and there’s literally no downtime. You can immediately resume your daily activities and even apply makeup after the treatment.

The treatment is a minimal to full epidermal laser that precisely removes the outermost layer of the skin. The procedure is individually tailored to the nature of the problem to be corrected. Skin conditions such as poor skin tone, pigmentation problems and pores have been successfully treated with this laser. The laser treatment has gained popularity due to the excellent results experienced by patients even after a single session.